8 Tips To Help You Choose The Best Moving Company Near Me


Choosing the right moving company is one of the easiest ways to minimize the moving day stress that most of us endure during the relocation process. But it’s not always so simple to choose the best movers, considering the plethora of options who all promise to be the best in town. Rather than choose a name that sounds good and hope for the best, keep the eight tips below in mind and get the moving experts that keep relocations simple.

1- License & Insurance is a Must

People will tell you to look for movers that have this or that quality, sort of like we’re doing here. And while it’s great to find a company that brings as many of those qualities to the table as possible, none of those qualities are more important than license and insurance. It’s not optional; hire a moving company that is unlicensed and uninsured, and you could be in for financial devastation, not to mention a lot of anger.

2- Do Your Homework

Diligent research is important when it’s time to find a great moving company. Use a variety of resources to research and learn as much as possible about a moving company before you hire. Don’t be afraid to check out online reviews and ‘best of’ websites that can help direct you toward a great company. Furthermore, you can ask friends, neighbors, coworkers, and others to refer you to a great moving company.

3- Set a Budget

How much money can you comfortably spend to hire a moving company? Set a budget before you start calling companies. Stick as closely to the allocated budget amount as possible. Don’t put yourself into debt to hire a moving company because there are many that will accommodate even modest budgets.

4- Don’t Forget Estimates

Moving companies offer free estimates upon request. Use the estimates to compare prices with various companies in the area, so you know where to find the best price. Do not let the job cost alone decide the company best to hire for your project, but certainly use it as one of the primary factors.

5- Get References

Any good moving company should have several references on hand to provide clients upon request. Ask for a few references, but don’t just make this request without putting it to good use. Make sure you contact the references to learn what they say about the moving company.

6- Beware of Extra Fees

Never sign a blank moving contract and make sure that the time is taken to read over every line of the contract that you do sign. Some scrupulous moving companies may have fine print in there that could change the entire moving relationship and cost you considerably more money than intended. Read over contracts with a fine tooth comb and use common sense to avoid this mishap.

7- Take Your Time

Moving is a big job. Treat it as such and don’t attempt to rush through things, whether it is packing the boxes or finding the right movers. The more time that is taken to handle the move the right way, the less stress and headache you’ll endure.

8- Don’t Pay in Advance

Many moving companies require a deposit be placed ahead of the move. That is normal, but you should never be asked to pay the total cost of the move ahead of time. Never be inclined to make such an action and run quickly from a company that makes this type of request. Keep your eye out for this and other moving scams to avoid trouble.

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