How to Pack Kitchen Glassware and Dishes in 7 Steps


Packing the kitchen is one of the most dreaded parts of any move, but following these simple seven steps will have you out of the kitchen and on the road to your new home in no time.

Step One: Gather your supplies

You will need boxes that are strong enough to hold fifteen to twenty pounds of dishes. If you are making the boxes yourself, tape the bottom seams well. Purchase several packages of packing paper and bubble wrap. You can also use newspaper but remember that the newsprint will rub off on your hands and dishes. Lastly, you will need rolls of strong packing tape and a dark marker for labeling the boxes.

Step Two: Make a nest

Your dishes will need a soft protective barrier at the bottom of each box. Loosely crumple several sheets of packing paper and place them in layers at the bottom of each box, much like a bird building a nest.

Step Three: Pack heavier items first

Wrap heavy casserole dishes and platters first using several pieces of wrapping paper or bubble wrap for each item. Place them on the nest of paper at the bottom of the box. If there is space at the end of a row, stuff thick dish towels and pot holders along the edges to keep them from sliding during transport. Put a barrier of paper or bubble wrap on top of each layer of casseroles. You can add small, light appliances such as toasters and coffee makers to this box, making sure to put layers of bubble wrap between each layer. Seal the box.

Step Four: Wrap the plates

Wrap each plate in several sheets of packing paper or bubble wrap. Once you have several plates wrapped, stack them vertically in rows inside the box. Stacking plates vertically ensures they do not crack under the weight of additional layers. Put a nest of paper or bubble wrap on top of the plates and add unbreakable items such as plastic containers or wooden cooking utensils to the box. Fill the top with a final barrier of paper before sealing the box.

Step Five: Wrap the glassware

Most glassware has a stem or handle that is especially fragile, so wrap this part first. Take a long strip of paper and wrap it around the stem or handle several times and secure it with tape. Then, gently stuff paper into the globe or cup part until it is full. You can then wrap the whole glass or coffee cup in bubble wrap before putting it on top of the nest at the bottom of the box. Place a layer of paper or bubble wrap between each layer of glasses and cups, ending with a nest of paper. Seal the box.

Step Six: Check the weight

Once all of the dishes have been packed in boxes, make sure they are not too heavy. Examine the seams to ensure they are not pulling from excess weight. Using a dark marker, write the word fragile several times on each box.

Step Seven: Make a list

After everything has been packed, taped and labeled, make a list of the number of boxes and their contents for your records.

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