5 Ways to Get Settled In After Your Move


The expression of ‘home is where the heart is’ can carry a whole new meaning for those who’ve just moved. Not only does the transition to a new location mean moving out of your house, but it also means leaving behind familiar friends and places that have been precious to you and your family throughout the years. And whether you’re moving across town or state lines, here are five ways to get settled in faster after your move.

 1.Throw a Welcoming Party

To feel connected to your new community, it’s essential to know your neighbors. And instead of waiting for them to come to you, reach out to those living in your neighborhood and invite them over for an open house party. This can allow people to meet your family and see that you’re interested in building new relationships. And whether it’s a catered meal, poolside party, or a simple barbecue, a housewarming get-together can help your family settle into your surroundings.

2. Find the Best Places to Shop

Living in a new city without knowing where to find the best groceries or shopping items can be a little frustrating at times. And to avoid getting stressed out over your family’s growing needs, try to spend the first few weeks charting out the best places for groceries. Then, try thinking beyond weekly shopping lists to find the best clothing, dry cleaning, home improvement, and pharmacy needs as well. Ask neighbors, store clerks, and other locals about their favorites and what they would recommend to you and your family.

3. Join a Community

How did you meet your friends in your previous city? What brought your community together week after week? Whether it was through a church, hobby, or your work, create a similar group of friends in your new location by participating in things that are important to you. You can even meet or build a community online by visiting Meetup, which finds groups that are based on your family’s age, interests, and location.

 4. Become a Regular

Whether you’re a coffee drinker, an amateur burger critic, or a fitness guru, get yourself out to a local spot and stick to going there often. Find the best restaurant, library, or even workout gym in your new town and become a regular. By visiting your new favorite locations regularly, you’ll feel more at home in your surroundings and can give other ‘regulars’ and staff the chance to know and befriend you.

5. Try Something New

Now is the perfect time to learn a new skill or develop a fun hobby, especially as it will give you the chance to meet new people from around your neighborhood. Try signing up for classes in baking, photography, martial arts, or music, and allowing yourself to invest time in what makes you feel happy. And whether you try new things on your own or as a family experience, getting outside of your comfort zone can bring a sense of accomplishment and pride in your new home environment.

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