6 Tips for Organizing the Least Stressful Relocation Possible


Moving can be hard work since it involves packing, repacking, hauling, and making quick decisions about your new living space. However, relocating does not have to be stressful. This article gives six tips for organizing the least stressful relocation possible.

1. Rent plenty of space

The day has finally arrived to put your labeled boxes into a hauling vehicle. You go to pick up the rented vehicle, and it isn’t any bigger than your SUV. Save yourself time and energy by making sure that you rent or borrow an appropriately sized vehicle for hauling. If you depend on a vehicle that will just fit all of your stuff, then you will have to pack and repack to make it fit. Don’t waste time figuring out where to pack things to make it all fit and get yourself a vehicle with plenty of space.

2. Label everything

Label what is in the box and where it is going. This will not only remind helping hands where your stuff goes but to help you organize your belongings. As well, label fragile boxes with ostentatious labels to let other movers know and to remind yourself of fragile items. You can purchase these stickers on Amazon for cheap.

3. Map out your new space

If it is possible, you should definitely go to your new place in advance to see where everything will fit. If you can, then label your boxes with anything better than a best guess regarding where the boxes will go. You can save yourself time in the future.

4. Pack smarter, not harder

This is needless to say but pack everyday items together and on top. There is nothing worse than being very hungry at the end of a hard day and having to dig for silverware or pots and pans. You can even plan meals in advance so that you only need minimal supplies.

5. Seek out help

If relocating is not a one-person job, then by all means, do not kill your back over it. Either hire a moving company’s help, such as U-Haul or put an ad in your local newspaper. Maybe even look for high school help so that you can pay them minimum wage and still get quality help.

6. Get plenty of rest

No matter how much you plan, you will still have to make decisions that will determine how much time you save. Get plenty of rest the night before to ensure that you are in full mental capacity. As well, chances are that not every person who shows up to help you will be in the greatest of moods, so you will most likely have to put up with other people.

Whether you are moving a ton of stuff far away or an average amount across town, you should follow the six tips listed in this article to ensure a successful move-in without the stress and hassle of the contemporary elements.

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